Several Washington State funding programs support implementation of the Puget Sound Action Agenda, including projects listed as priorities on the San Juan Action Agenda.  In its 2013-2015 capital budget, the Washington State Legislature provided $70 million in the Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration fund, including $1.846 million for habitat protection and restoration projects in San Juan County.  An additional $260,000 will go to the Thatcher Bay restoration project in San Juan County as part of the overall $10 million in Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program funding.  Additional funding is also provided by the state for stormwater permit compliance, statewide low-impact development program, aquatic lands management and enhancement, and addressing derelict vessels, along with other projects.

For more information on grant and loan funding for protection and restoration projects in Puget Sound visit:

Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office website

Washington State Department of Ecology website


The Puget Sound Partnership

The Puget Sound Partnership is the state agency leading the cleanup of Puget Sound.  San Juan County is one of the regions where the Partnership provides funding and other resources to projects locally identified by the San Juan LIO.

From the Puget Sound Partnership website:
We base decisions on science, focus on actions that have the biggest impact, and hold people and organizations accountable for results.

Our goal is to make Puget Sound healthy again by creating a roadmap for how to get it done. If we work together, we can have both a thriving Puget Sound economy and a clean and healthy Puget Sound ecosystem.

In 2007, Democrats and Republicans created the Puget Sound Partnership as the backbone organization that would connect citizens, governments, tribes, scientists and businesses to do three key things no other organization in Washington does:

  1. Set science-based regional priorities for Puget Sound
  2. Accelerate implementation of priority actions
  3. Ensure accountability for results

The Action Agenda, most recently updated and adopted by the Partnership’s Leadership Council in August 2012, lists the actions needed to help restore and protect the health of Puget Sound. The Partnership has no regulatory authority but is authorized to distribute grant funding. The Partnership administers grant funding from the National Estuary Program (NEP) through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fund the development and operation of LIOs.


Implementation Committee Meeting:

Bimonthly first Thursdays, 11:00 am -1:00 pm, 7/1, 9/2, 11/4
See San Juan County website Agenda Center for agendas and meeting links

Accountability Oversight Committee Meetings:

Schedule pending

Padilla Bay National Estuarine Reserve, 10441 Bayview Edison Road, Mount Vernon



San Juan County Oil Spill Risk Consequences Assessment and Emergency Response Towing Vessel Cost Evaluation, March 2019